Monday, 10 August 2009

10 reasons to buy art

1. art only goes up in value, there are extreme exceptions to this rule but generally speaking you cant go far wrong investing in art. If you choose wisely you could make a killing. The artist will die one day, on that day your art will most likely double in value.

2. Supporting artists by purchasing their work keeps service jobs open for teenagers and retirees!

3. Art can inspire greatness!

4. Buying art from local artists puts money back into your local economy. (Artists spend money too. See #10 and #8)

5. ANY art you buy today is automatically a piece of history. (Of course, I suggest you wait a few years before you take it to the Antiques Roadshow.)

6. Art makes your house a home. Even if it doesn't match your couch!

7. Emerging artist's work will hold value or go UP in value, good idea to buy art from an artist BEFORE their prices go up.

8. Artists have to pay their bills too! (I would be interested to know how many artists have defaulted on their home loans or had their car repossessed since the recession began.)

9. Art can brighten your life, who doesn't need extra colour in their live?
10. Artists need to eat too!

Art investment for monitory reasons is fine, but never forget that art is created with passion and with passion should it be kept/loved.

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  1. My grandma used to be an artist. She had her paintings all over the house.