Tuesday, 25 August 2009

buy art online australia

Australia has a busy art community that is pumping out some really great work. There are a number of places you can see/discuss this great art and I thought I would make a list for you:-

Australian Art Prints are located in Australia and provide limited edition art prints and original paintings of Australian artists. We showcase Australia's finest artists and photographers. Purchase art prints and paintings online.

Aboriginal Art Online offers paintings and prints by Australian Aboriginal artists - together with information about their art and culture. Buy Aboriginal art works, books and other items online.

Art and Australia Quarterly Journal - sample articles, back issues, artworks, links and more.

A forum for all those involved in the Australian Art Industry, Artists, Gallery Owners, Art Buyers and the general public.

The Western Australian Art Gallery is home to the State Art Collection including works by Indigenous, Australian and International Artists. The Perth gallery is open daily, with free admission to most exhibitions.

An online resource for anyone interested in Studying art in Australia.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

3 reasons art is a better investment than stock

Stock goes up and down
Although this is also try with art there is less of a dip when it goes down, in fact a lot of investors turn to art as an alternative investment in recessions and so art can very well hold it price even during a recession.

Stock is not much to look at
Yes you can watch a graph day in day out of how stock is going up and down if that’s your thing but I would rather have some decent art on my wall that I can see.

People will want to talk about it
While some of you might talk about your stock to friends and family art makes for better conversation, this is even more so try if you are talking to another collector.

Monday, 10 August 2009

10 reasons to buy art

1. art only goes up in value, there are extreme exceptions to this rule but generally speaking you cant go far wrong investing in art. If you choose wisely you could make a killing. The artist will die one day, on that day your art will most likely double in value.

2. Supporting artists by purchasing their work keeps service jobs open for teenagers and retirees!

3. Art can inspire greatness!

4. Buying art from local artists puts money back into your local economy. (Artists spend money too. See #10 and #8)

5. ANY art you buy today is automatically a piece of history. (Of course, I suggest you wait a few years before you take it to the Antiques Roadshow.)

6. Art makes your house a home. Even if it doesn't match your couch!

7. Emerging artist's work will hold value or go UP in value, good idea to buy art from an artist BEFORE their prices go up.

8. Artists have to pay their bills too! (I would be interested to know how many artists have defaulted on their home loans or had their car repossessed since the recession began.)

9. Art can brighten your life, who doesn't need extra colour in their live?
10. Artists need to eat too!

Art investment for monitory reasons is fine, but never forget that art is created with passion and with passion should it be kept/loved.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

art to buy

So you are looking for art to buy art right? Well your not the only one, I get asked time to time about art investment and purchasing art. Although I am no expert on the subject I do have some experience (manly on-line) and so I wanted to hand some of that knowledge on. To start there are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Why are you looking to buy art
  • How much do you have to spend
  • Do you have a preference to artist

From answering these question your now in a position to answer some further questions:

  • Will you be hanging/displaying the work at home
  • Will you be framing the work

From these questions you can then go on to discuss other related issues such as

  • Will the art suit the selected room
  • Do I require extra security

When you have finally answered all these questions you have come along way and answered some important questions. But you are still no closer to finding the art to buy you wanted. So I put forward this question why buy art on-line? I have listed advantage and disadvantages below:


  • Price
  • Choice/big selection
  • Conveyance/quick
  • Don't have to level your house


  • Lack of perspective (computer monitors limit viewing)
  • Unable to see different lighting conditions
  • Art will need to be send via post

So looking at the list of advantages you have the normal on-line price advantage, websites have low overheads so can keep the cost of the art lower. The selection of art on-line is almost limitless I find new places to buy art on a daily biases. The convenience of buy on-line can not be disputed its just so dame quick and easy.

So know you know you want to buy on-line and you have answered all the inportant questions all there is left to do it find the website and sellect the art. Now I could list a large list of 50 places for you to buy your art but on the whole there are only 4 types of website out there you can buy art on.

  • Commercial art website, dedicated to art with multiple artist
  • Commercial general retailer that sell art
  • Artist own website/blog

Specialist online sites or gallery websites that have a online presence. These sites dedicate themselves to art and so are a good place to start. e.g. www.art.com
Commercial general retailers that sell art are not always the first option, more so if you are looking to buy an original. But can offer so bargains on printed work. e.g. www.amazon.com
Artist own website / blog can be very hard to find but can also reap you rewards with unique art that might near make it on to the more commercial site. There is also a new type of website which is a dedicated art site which offers artist there own blog with the promise of customers. e.g. www.bibigallery.com

So before I rap up and let you go off to find the perfect piece of art for your living room I want to give some tips.

Things to watch out for (potential problems)

  • Buy art only from artist and on-line gallery that have a refund policy. This will cover your back if there is a problem.
  • Try and get a good look at the art not just some little thumbnail which could turn out to be very different from what you hoped.
  • Make sure there is someone running the website you can approach if there are any problems, especially important when you are buying direct from the artist.
  • Make sure you pay with paypal or simlar, these services put extra secureity and easy of use in your hands. Plus you will have some extra protection if something goes wrong.
  • Establish a budget and stick to it.